Friday, October 26, 2007

Google Analytics & the LI Woodwoker's Show

When I started this blog, I posted about it on the WoodNet forums. You've got to get readership somehow, so I figured that would be a good way to start. A couple of other bloggers that read WoodNet told me about Google Analytics. This is a site that, coupled with a couple of lines of HTML & a JavaScript library Google provides, can give you incredibly detailed information about the people reading your web site. Now, no names are given, and no IP addresses, but it does tell you things like what countries, states, and cities your readers are from (or at least, where their ISP is located). It also tells you how they got to your web site -- whether it was through a link from another website or directly (i.e., they have a favorite pointing to your web site), or even through a search on Google. I was browsing through the statistics today & I found that a number of my visitors have come to the blog through The Woodwhisperer's web site. Well, my first thought was, "How are these folks getting to my site from Marc's? Where's this link they're using?" So I hopped over to Marc's site & I find he's got a section on his page called "What Marc's Reading." When I open the list, I find a link to one of my posts. Cool! I'm pretty sure this was done using a feature of blogger called Back Links. My next thought was, "Hey, Marc's a reader! Cool!" So I'm going to implement that feature myself. Anything to help out a fellow blogger and send traffic their way! On another topic, the Long Island Woodworker's Club is having their annual show this weekend in Greenlawn, NY. I went to their show a couple of years ago when it was at Hofstra University and it was cool. I got to meet Zig of Bow Clamp fame there. I didn't buy any cauls then. I didn't have too much cash with me and I wasn't expecting the huge array of stuff on display. I think I had to drink a gallon of water to make up for all the drool I trailed behind me that day. If it rains tomorrow as the weather men are saying it will, then I will attend the show. If it's sunny, the family & I are going to start painting the trim on our newly vinyl sided home. So let's hope for rain, eh? If you're on Long Island or in the south eastern NY area (NYC, Westchester County, Rockland County, or even SE Connecticut), you should check out the show. And maybe I'll see you there!


TheWoodWhisperer said...

Hey Tony! You will soon find out that I AM EVERYWHERE!! :) Your site is off to a great start and is a worth read for anyone interested in the craft.

To clarify, the system I use is through Google Reader. They give you an option to put a little widget on your site telling people what you are reading. Then when you read a good article in Google Reader, you have a button at the bottom of the post that says "share". This automatically adds it to your list. Its really cool. Email me if you want more details. Also, they seem to have a Blogger specific option that will make your life much easier.

Take care.

Tony V said...


Cool! I'll check that out and give it a shot.

And thank you, sir, for the kind words! I enjoy your podcasts very much & look forward to new episodes. (We eastern Italians gotta stick together, ya know what I mean?)