Monday, October 29, 2007

To Buy a Jointer, or Not to Buy a Jointer; That Is the Question!

Well, I got home today & found the latest Craftsman Club flyer had arrived. They're having their Craftsman Club days Nov 4 - 10. Normally, this doesn't interest me too much, but they're offering their Orion built 6 1/8" jointer for a member price of $386.99. If you read my last posting, you know that I really need a jointer before I can make any headway on this project.

What's a guy to do?

On the one hand, we just shelled out big bucks to vinyl side the house. We also brought back the contractor who replaced our deck last year to repair this shed roof that overhangs the front entrance & garage door. It seems the columns that were holding the roof up were sitting on the ground, not a footer, and had 2 1/2" of material just rot away over time. He jacked up the roof back to where it was supposed to be, dug & poured new footers, and replaced the columns. We just have to paint it.

On the other hand, I do have a woodworking fund. That's where all the money for this cabinet is coming from, as soon as the charge bills arrive. What's another $400 from that fund for a jointer?

Then there's the used market. I should be able to find a decent used 6" jointer if I started looking. Oh, decision, decisions . . .

So I'm adding a poll to the home page. Let me know what you think I should do. I'll let it run a week & will publish the results this weekend.


neil said...


I'm wondering why you want break your focus on the corner cabinet for a jointer at this point. Your preparation is so good, you don't need it now. Get it for the next project.

Set-up a fence and run your router down the edge or if you have a router table, make a fence and use that as your jointer.

I'm for working your project and keep investigating jointer possibilities for after. Who knows maybe you'll get a gift certificate for Christmas!!!!

Tony V said...

Yeah, that had occurred to me, too. I'm extremely hesitant, and I guess I've already to the new tool for this project (the Kreg jig), so I should find alternatives for now. Besides, buying a jointer now would seriously deplete the woodworking fund.

I guess I saw the picture of a nice, shiny, new jointer in a tool sales flyer & for what's a very good price & just got greedy.